A “sensory impairment” is a condition in which a person’s hearing, sight, sense of space, sense of smell, sense of taste, or sense of touch don’t work as well as they should.It is not uncommon for people who already have a loss of sight or hearing in one or both ears to also have problems with their other senses.

Your loved one may have difficulty communicating with others as a result of the sensory loss. It has the potential to make their daily lives more difficult and frustrating.

Because of this, the person you care about will require care and support. No matter how old your loved one is, our skilled carers are able to provide support for them no matter what kind of sensory disability they have.

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With their extensive experience, our carers are fully aware of the circumstances surrounding your loved one and are able to empathise with them. They are constantly on the lookout for potential hazards, such as trip hazards and sharp edges, that could cause your loved one to sustain physical harm.
The care service providers are also able to interpret your loved one’s mood as well as their gestures, which enables them to deal with any sudden changes in behavioural patterns.

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